Sunday, February 20, 2011

2011 Swamp Cabbage Queen & Princess Pageant

Olivia Luckey & Ashley Curry were the big winners at the 2011 Swamp Cabbage

LYLA Show was fun!

The kids in LaBelle and Felda did a great job at the annual LYLA show with their 4-H livestock animals. There were goats, rabbits, chickens, steer and plenty of market swine! Here are a few pics from the show and you can see more on my facebook page! This is my son Clayton's Senior year and his last year in 4-H he didn't get to show or sell his hog this year because it was killed by some stray dogs a few weeks ago right before the health fair. Quite a disappointment for him but he still came out and supported the other kids and lent a helping hand at the show & sale!

Grand Champion Taylor Corbitt .................... Clayton working in the back!