Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Fort Myers - Naples - Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer offers 10% off to Military & Local Heroes

Fort Myers - Naples - Southwest Florida Wedding Photographer offers 10% off to Military & Local Heroes

Photography By Jerri Lynn is Honoring those who serve and protect our country, and our families…
There are few times in life that are we given the opportunity to thank those who risk their very lives to protect what is so precious to us in this country. Photography by Jerri Lynn would be honored to be selected to play a small part in the lives and futures of our soldiers and those who wait for them at home and to our service men & women who so courageously serve and protect the communities in which we live. To say "Thank You" we will provide our wedding photography services at a 10% discount to these brave men and women.
Photography by Jerri Lynn always gives a 10% discount to service men and women as well as firefighters, police and EMT. It’s just a way for us to say “Thank You” to those that serve our country, no matter the branch of service, rank or time in the military and our community… for your service, your courage, and your dedication.
Best wishes on your journey together!
We look forward to working with you and your families.

Friday, August 12, 2011

LaBelle FL Photographer - LaBelle High School Class of 1981!

It was such fun seeing the LaBelle High School Class of 1981 at their reunion at Forrey Grill.... so sorry I couldn't make it Saturday night to Fort Myers Beach with all of you! I remember so many of them from when I was just a Freshman at LHS in LaBelle FL!!!! Yikes!!!! Many were my hero's and I wanted to be just like them! I wanted be a cheerleader like (YOU know who you all were) And I finally did and it was such fun! I wanted to sing like the girls in the chorus so I joined my Sophomore year. I wanted to work on the yearbook just like Shelly so I joined the yearbook staff. Yes, my freshman year I believe I must have joined just about every club they would let me into! They were the cool guys and gals at the school and when your a freshman they are who you look up to. And, they haven't let any of us down. They have become leaders not only in their hometown but in towns all over the USA. They are like the stars in the sky and will shall shine even after they are gone.  George Bernard Shaw said it best when he said, "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself." The Class of 1981 has done just that! Hope to see you all in 5 years!!!!  Jerri Lynn

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Naples Wedding Photographer - Beach Bridals with Valeria

Valeria Alvarez Miss Green Planet Miami FL 2011 from Cape Coral was also our model for our Sunset Beach Bridals.
She did a great job and AlexÁndrea Mua who is a wonderful make-up Artist from San Francisco, California who was visiting her mother in Naples made the girls look stunning!!!! It is alwasy such fun at our Naples Photography Group with Peggy Farren!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Naples Wedding Photographer -Weddings 101 with a real "fake" wedding

Yes, even seasoned wedding photographers like to practice new and exciting techniques without the pressure of the REAL wedding day! I just LOVE our Photography Naples Photo Group with the amazingly talented Peggy Farren of Avant Garde Images in Naples. She makes sure that everyone has the opportunity to take amazing pictures .....It doesn't matter what your skill level is everyone is always welcome at the meet-ups! If you have an interest in photography why don't you join the group too!!!!!This was on beautiful Naples Beach.

I've known Mallory & Nick for many years. Neither are professional models but they have been dating for a long time and their pictures turned out just beautiful! You can see by looking at their pictures that they are just crazy about each other!

All across the country “Day After Shoots,” or bridal sessions, are gaining in popularity and are known for some of their crazier options like a “trash the dress” session. With Mallory and Nick we did the beautiful relaxed and romantic after the wedding shots then as the sunset we trashed the dress and got the most romantic and breathtaking images with an amazing Southwest Florida sunset!

Here are several advantages which have spiked the popularity of the "Day After" or "After the Honeymoon" bridal shoots.

First it allows the bride and groom to get the beautiful portraits they want without taking too much away from the wedding day. I know for me as a photographer it is important to know that the bride and groom enjoy their wedding, and that the guests enjoy it as well. None of us want our family and friends wandering around the cocktail hour looking at their watches, wondering what is going on and when the bride and groom will arrive. We also want beautiful portraits that look like they should be in a magazine. By allowing another day for fun portraits, this balance is made much easier and the bride and groom get the amazing photo's they want to remember their wedding day.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Anna & Alex - Naples Florida Maternity Photographer

I met Anna several months back at the "What A Girl Wants" event and she reluctantly put her name in for our free photo shoot.....  well needless to say Anna won!!! And after several e-mails we finally set up her photo shoot at 34 weeks with her awesome husband Alex. We met at Wiggins Pass State Park  in Naples Florida and had the best time! As we waited for what turned out to be the prettiest sunset ever Alex who is a former United States Marine re-assured me that my son Clayton was making a great decision in joining the Marines. That he would become a great man and would get an awesome education as well. Whew.... That makes me feel better! Thank You Alex! I have to admit I have had reservations about him joining the Marines but every time I meet a Marine or retired Marine it makes me feel much better after hearing about their experiences about my son's decision. In a few short weeks we will get to meet Miss Ava as she is expected to make her arrival on September 10th. I can't wait to meet her and neither can her loving parents!