Thursday, August 23, 2012

12-12-12 Wedding Event on Fort Myers Beach!

On WINK NEWS This morning! Click the link for the wonderful story on WINK News.  The 12-12- 12 Fort Myers Beach Wedding Event of the Century!  Thank you to Weddings in Paradise, SWFL Beach Weddings for this wonderful opportunity. If you are planning your wedding and want something just a little bit out of the ordinary remember that 12/12/12 is the last triple digit wedding day this Century. In fact, the next triple digit wedding day won't happen again until......Drum roll please.......01/01/2101. That is 89 years from now. Contact Lisa at
 If you would like to have your wedding on 12-12-12 on BEAUTIFUL Fort Myers Beach at the most expansive and beautiful beach location  at Gulfview Manor Resort, a gulf Front family Resort with magnificent Gulf Views and Sunsets just contact Lisa G. You will have a fantastic and memorable wedding experience! And call us for all of your wedding photography! 
Experience the Majestic or one of Lisa's other beautiful wedding set creations. Have your picture on the beach with one of the fabulous horses or horse and carriage by Charlene's Classic Carriages

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